Concept Idea

When you suddenly know what to do and a cartoon-like light bulb appears on your head, you've probably just got an idea.


"The best ideas are everyone's property ... But if you have an idea, and I have an idea, and we exchange them, then we both have two ideas"

        (Søren Kierkegaard)

Creative Development, Graphic and Video Editor

The creative development of an idea, an event, communication and marketing strategies, it is essential that it is well coordinated by design, graphics, brand identity, content and captivating texts that can stimulate the reader to a greater liking, making it possible produce mental images!

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Communication Media, TV, Web and Social Network

Communication involves every aspect of our daily life. The greatest social successes are partly due to excellent strategies propagated in the mass media for their potential. We plan the dissemination of our content, conveyed through web channels, television networks, newspapers, radio and social network.


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Event Promotion on the Territory

We promote our events on the territory with the study of collateral activities for the entire promotional phase, interacting with the public in the places of interest and collection.

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Search and Sponsorship Management

We offer our sponsors a global consultancy in the development of sport marketing strategies and innovative communication services, to take opportunities and maximum return to all promotional actions.

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We value our events with celebrities, sports icons and shows, associating their image connected to a cause and the appreciation of the public.

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Scenographic Preparations

We design scenographic installations with new multimedia technologies that can make a unique and identifiable event, giving it an added value that can evoke emotions, memories and increase new promotional communication dynamics.

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The entertainment activities dedicated to the public in our events, have as their main objective to capture the attention of the spectator during game breaks and at the same time, to arouse joy and fun for those who represent them, with current sporting trends.

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We select the profiles that reflect the needs of our events and services from the most important national hostess service agencies. From hospitality to the public, to commercial promotion in conference rooms, sports halls, trade shows and corporate locations.

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